Aug 19 2018

Having the right attitude is everything! We see all kinds of clients in our office. Some with minor aches and pain, stiff necks, sore low back but we also see

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What is Reiki?

Apr 10 2018

Reiki has been around this earth for as long as we can remember. Reiki is energy flowing in and around all living/breathing things. Our nervous system is a form of

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December 31st, 2016

Dec 31 2016

This year, try throwing resolutions out the window and make positive changes in a different kind of way. Here are five alternatives to making New Year’s resolutions that will leave

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Stay Calm… Eliminate & Hydrate

Sep 25 2016

You know the drill. After a massage you are always told to make sure you drink plenty of water. Almost obnoxiously so EVERY TIME by your massage therapist. But WHY?!?

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